About mijin Catapult (v.2) Free Trial version

How do I use this after subscribing in the Marketplace?

You can't use the product by just subscribing an image. Please refer to the following URL and use Cloudformation.

Are there any functional limitations?

There are no functional limitations on mijin, but there are the following conditions:
1.The number of the native currency is limited to a small amount - 2,000 cat.currency.
2.Mosaic, Namespace and transaction issuance fees are required.

Can I use the service for commercial purposes?

We are providing this software as a test license, thus unfortunately it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

How long can I use this software?

There is no expiration date on the system, but we plan to remove this trial from the marketplace at the end of January 2021. Also, we plan to stop accepting inquiries about mijin Catapult (v.2) Free Trial version after April 1, 2021.

Is there a commercial version of mijin catapult (v.2) available?

We plan to launch a premium enterprise version along with the official Symbol release, scheduled in December 2020. This paid premium enterprise version will allow for advanced configurations and commercial uses.

To what extent do you support mijin uses?

We do not support mijin functions or development for the Free Trial version.

mWhat version of mijin Catapult (v.2) Free Trail version is available?

symbol-rest: 1.2.0

Is it possible to upgrade onto a newer version?

This product uses v0.9.6.4. Please note that any upgrade is not supported.

About mijin Catapult (v.2) in general

What is mijin Catapult (v.2)?

Please refer to this page.

How would you suggest we develop with this product?

Please refer to this page.

The product comes with HTTP and WebSockets endpoints, but we also provide a sdk for easier development.
javascript&typescript version: https://github.com/nemtech/symbol-sdk-typescript-javascript
java version: https://github.com/nemtech/symbol-sdk-java

Is there a specific version of sdk required?

The following of the client tools are supported for the mijin Catapult (v.2) Free Trial:
symbol-sdk-javascript: 0.20.7
symbol-sdk-java: 0.20.3

I don't know how to use the API.

I don't know how to use the sdk.

Couldn't it be easier to use?

There is also a command line tool called symbol-cli.

I don't know how to use symbol-cli.

What are the fees?

The native currency ( cat.currency ) is required to issue the transaction. There are some types of fees:
Transaction fees
Mosaic rental fees
Namespace rental fees

How much does it cost?

Namespace fee = defaultDynamicFeeMultiplier x rootNamespaceRentalFeePerBlock x duration
Subnamespace fee = childNamespaceRentalFee
Mosaic publishing fee = mosaicRentalFee
transaction fees = minFeeMultiplier x txSize

However, rental fees may change dynamically.
https://nemtech.github.io/concepts/namespace.html#namespace-rental-fee https://nemtech.github.io/concepts/mosaic.html#mosaic-rental-fee

Where is the address where you have your reserve currency?

The native currency is assigned to the harvesting address.
Please refer to this page.

I'd like to create an address.

When you build, an empty address will be generated.
Please refer to this page.

About mijin Catapult (v.2) Server

I want to login to the server remotely, how do I do it?

You can login via the session manager on AWS System Manager Service, on the AWS console screen. In addition, because a security group for SSH connection (stack name-attach-ssm_ssh-client) is available, you can make a jump server in the same VPC and assign the security group (stack name-attach-ssm_ssm_ssh-client) to it, and then you can use SSH remote login.

Can I add a PEER node later?

You can't add a node afterwards.

How do I delete all the data?

Select the mijin Cloudformation Stack name in the AWS Cloudformation service, and then execute the deletion.
In the parameter store on the AWS SystemManager service, please delete all the parameters with the Cloudformation Stack name as the key.